Week 5 – Demysitifying Social Media

Welcome to Week 5 of class!

This week you have class with Curt Maly, my personal Social Media guru.

During Class this week, you will learn how to leverage social media to attract buyers, sellers and professional real estate referrals.

You will be trained on how to leverage the following social media channels:

You will learn simple practices that, once put in practice, can produce a stream of leads from buyers, sellers and other real estate referrals.

Curt will also cover the Exclusive Student Benefits of the My REI Marketing Machine Facebook and LinkedIn Groups, and will give you the links to join these groups.

In addition, you’ll get additional training on REI Matcher Social Media integration.

This is a 1 Stop Training or Social Media Marketing for Real Estate Investors!

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Week 5 Audio | mp3 |

Week 5 Homework | PDF |

You’ll notice that the Homework for this week consists of only part of the Social Media set up. Curt wants you to focus first on your local directory set ups, as those will start generating leads the fastest. Then, set up your Facebook. Next week, which is a Lab week, we’ll ask you to set up the rest of your Social Media accounts.

Week 5 Handout | PDF |

Online Profile Form | excel | numbers | pdf |


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