Week 2 – Buyer, Seller & Investor Websites

Welcome to Week 2 of class!

This week you’ll be activating your Buyer, Seller and Investor Websites within REI Matcher. These websites are almost completely done for you!

Damon Flowers (REI Matcher Guru Himself) will walk through the activation and set up with you in this week’s class…

The “Activation” videos below are short walk-throughs to help you set up yout websites. Damon covers websites in detail in the “Week 2 Class” Video. You may want to watch the class video first, and then the short activation videos if you need more help.
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Here’s some examples and tips for Buyer Website Taglines and Headers:

A Tagline is a slogan representing your company or brand; this is a brief but memorable phrase that sums up the features or services you offer. If you have something in mind, express this in your Tagline.

Your Header should be catchy- and as this is the “shout out” for your brand; Once people reads or hears this phrase, they immediately think of you. This is the most valuable space on the screen, and should always be used wisely, keeping in mind the goals and visions of company.

An Opening text is where a business owner expands on their services, expertise, and what they offer. This is where business owners describe and explain what their trade is all about in a detailed but easily understood manner.

Examples of Buyer Website Taglines:

Examples of Buyer Website Headers:

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