Week 1 – Branding Your Businesses

Welcome to Week 1 of class!

This week we’ll be discussing the importance of branding your business.

Getting Started…

Online Profile Form | excel | numbers | pdf |

Download and fill out the Section 1 of this Online Profile Form.

You’ll be using this form in the coming weeks to make setting up various accounts faster and easier. I recommend filling it out digitally (in your Microsoft Excel or Numbers program) so you can simply fill it out once and then copy and paste information from it when you’re setting up accounts later. We’ll start using that information next week, so be sure to complete Section 1 this week!

Later on, you’ll also be able to use this form to keep track of your login information for various accounts. You can go ahead and fill in your REI Matcher and Social Media in 7 Minutes login information now.

Buy Vanity Domains: Buyer, Seller & Investor Websites

Next week we’ll be setting up your Buyer & Seller Websites. To prepare for that, watch this video to get a walk through of how to buy vanity domains. This is an important step in branding yourself and your business. As you’ll see in the online profile form, you’ll need a seller website domain and a buyer website domain. We’ll be setting up your investor website in a few weeks, so go ahead and buy your investor website domain too. Make sure to add this information to the online profile form to help you track it. Enjoy!

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Online Profile Form | excel | numbers | pdf |

Class 1 Audio | .mp3 |

Week 1 Handout | pdf |

Week 1 Homework | slides pdf | 1 Page pdf |


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