Resources & Downloads

Week 1 Resources

Week 1 Homework & Resources: (pdf)

Week 1 Class Slides: (pdf)

Big Dog Survey:  Click Here

Week 2 Resources

Week 2 Homework & Resources: (pdf)

Week 2 Class Slides: (pdf)

Coaching Blueprint: (xls)

Week 3 Resources

Week 3 Homework: (pdf)

Week 3 Class Slides – Part 1: (pdf)

Week 3 Class Slides – Part 2: (pdf)

TREC Contract: (pdf)

TREC IABS: (pdf)

TREC Lead Based Paint: (pdf)

Assignment of Contract: (pdf) | (doc) | (pages)

Home Seller Info: (pdf) | (numbers) | (xls)

Joint Venture (JV) Agreement: (pages) | (doc)

* The JV Agreement is for demo purposes only – we recommend that you get a JV agreement done with an attorney for any relationships you to plan to create – either long term or short term. Alan Ceshker’s office ( is willing to do a JV agreement for one hour ($200) as long as it is a pretty boiler plate agreement. If you need a more in-depth partnership agreement he will quote you individually.

Week 4 Resources

Week 4 Homework: (pdf)

Week 4 Class Slides: (pdf)

Week 5 Resources

Week 5 Homework: (pdf)

Week 5 Class Slides: (pdf)

Rehab Helper: (pdf) | (xls) | (numbers)

Quick Bid Estimator: (pdf) | (doc) | (pages)

Contractor Bid By Week: (pdf) | (xls) | (numbers)

Week 6 Resources

Week 6 Homework: (pdf)

Week 6 Class Slides: (pdf)

Week 7 Resources

Week 7 Homework: (pdf)

Week 7 Class Slides: (pdf)

Equity Partnering Limited Partnership Agreement: (pdf) | (doc) | (pages)

Subject-To Financing Addendum: (pdf) | (doc) | (pages)

Authorization to Release Loan Information (ATRLI): (pdf) | (doc) | (pages)

Call Center Script Example: (pdf) | (doc) | (pages)

Week 8 Resources

Week 8 Homework: (pdf)

Week 8 Class Slides: (pdf)

AMPS Postcard: (pdf) | (pages) | (doc)

AMPS Craigslist Ad: (pdf)

Buyer Questionnaire: (pdf) | (numbers) | (xls)

Home Seller Info: (pdf) | (numbers) | (xls)

Week 9 Resources

Week 9 Homework: (pdf)

Week 9 Class Slides: (pdf)

Week 10 Resources

Week 10 Homework: (pdf)

Week 10 Class Slides: (pdf)

Coaching Blueprint: (xls)

Week 11 Resources

Week 11 Homework: (pdf)

Week 11 Class Slides: (pdf)

Coaching Blueprint: (xls)

Week 12 Resources

Week 12 Homework: (pdf)

Week 12 Class Slides: (pdf)

Shenoah’s Seller Tool Kit

TREC Contract: (pdf)

TREC IABS *Because I’m a Realtor*: (pdf)

Subject-To Financing Addendum: (pdf) | (doc) | (pages)

Authorization to Release Loan Information (ATRLI): (pdf) | (doc) | (pages)

Rehab Helper: (pdf) | (xls) | (numbers)

Home Seller Info: (pdf)| (numbers) | (xls)

Out of State Contracts

State Offer to Purchase form : NC (pdf)

Marketing Resources:  (zip)

Phill’s Marketing Matrix: (pdf)

HomeVestor Letter 2012: (pdf)

HomeVestor Letter 2013: (pdf)

HomeVestor Envelope: (pdf)

Cash Offer Letter: (pdf) | (doc) | (pages)

Probate Letter: (pdf) | (doc) | (pages)

Probate Letter Version 2: (pdf) | (doc) | (pages)

Listed Property Letter: (pdf) | (doc) | (pages)

Foreclosure Letter: (pdf) | (doc) | (pages)

Yellow Letter: (pdf) | (doc) | (pages)

Yellow Letter with PS: (pdf) | (doc) | (pages)

Yellow Letter Postcard Sample: (pdf)

Yellow Letter Sample: (pdf)

Memorandum of Contract:  (doc)


Big Dog Member Benefits

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