Week 8: Base Camp 3 Cont.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We are aware of the audio issues with the Week 8 audio. For now there is no fix other than to re-record these files. While this is something we plan to do soon – we do not have a timeline to provide you of when this audio issue will be resolved. Thank you for your patience. Please see possible work around below.


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**We have received word that this file (Week 8) may have a bit better quality of audio for the pieces that are hard to hear in this week’s video. Please see the note at the top of the page for further explanation.
Download the video here!


Week 8 Bonus Q+A


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Week 8 Resources

Week 8 Homework: (pdf)

Week 8 Class Slides: (pdf)

AMPS Postcard: (pdf) | (pages) | (doc)

AMPS Craigslist Ad: (pdf)

Buyer Questionnaire: (pdf) | (numbers) | (xls)

Home Seller Info: (pdf) | (numbers) | (xls)

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