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Shenoah’s Big Dog Intro Slides (Tribal Knowledge, Best Contacts and more!)


A Few Favorite Folders…

All Closes

Deed Research Link, a.k.a. Poor Man’s Title Search

Files from Alan Ceshker – This is the beginning of a growing and expanding project. This folder will be constantly updated.

Marketing Resources

Private Lending

Shenoah’s Seller Toolkit

Subject-to Files

Direct links to other Dropbox folders:

All All-In-One Files

All AMPS Files

All Big Dog Commercial Files

All Big Dog Files

All Gold Coaching Files

All Market Update (TX)

All My REI Marketing Machine Files

All Profit Starter Files

All RE-Volution Files

Misc Uploads


Big Dog Buddies/Foreign Language Speaker list

Big Dog Lenders list

Big Dog Realtors list

Reverse Mortgage Big Dog list


Shenoah’s Big Dog Intro Slides (Tribal Knowledge, Best Contacts and more!)