Hard Money Lenders

Many of our Big Dogs need hard money to fund their real estate transactions. We’ve sourced the perfect companies for you to be able to do that, Lincoln Equity (for residential & commercial), Riverdale Funding (for commercial), and Brookview Financial (for commercial). Each company can lend only in certain states, so check their websites to make sure they can fund your deal before applying. We’ve also attached a PDF with information for each of the companies for your convenience.

In addition to the hard money services of the above companies, many of our Big Dogs get funding from other Big Dogs in the program. To do that, you can register as a private lender on the REImatcher site (in your Admin -> My Profile -> Investor Profile section) or you can let other Big Dogs know that you’ll fund projects by sending a message to the Big Dog listvserve at [email protected]. ¬†We don’t do the analysis and due diligence on whether or not you should lend on a deal, that’s ultimately your decision, so please go through the numbers (ARV, Comps, Days of Market, Repairs, etc.) and get to know the person to make sure it’s the right move for you.

Summary for all Companies (PDF)


Lincoln Equity: PDF  site link


Riverdale Funding: site link


Brookview Financial: PDF  site link


Please note: that above companies are a separate from Love American Homes, REImatcher, and REI Entrepreneurs and if you choose to use their services you’ll have to pay them directly.