The Inner Circle
Code of Conduct & Ethics

Our Commitment to Our Community

The Inner Circle is the most ELITE community of Real Estate Investors. It consists of an exclusive and trained network of successful people who have varied skills and resources and who have the common goal of generating income and wealth for themselves and fellow members. Inner Circle members are encouraged, upon conducting proper due diligence and independent review, to leverage other members’ time, money and expertise to achieve their goals.

Inner Circle members have had to apply, go through a screening process and advanced training, and make a significant investment to join. Less than 30% of those who apply are accepted. To maintain and enhance the Inner Circle, members need to operate at a high standard of conduct and ethical behavior towards each other as well as persons outside the Inner Circle community.

This Inner Circle Code of Conduct & Ethics was created to establish these standards, and all members are required to abide by the following Code of Conduct & Ethics.


Inner Circle Membership

Inner Circle Membership comprises access to Inner Circle Meetings at all REIAs and RENCs, access to all Love American Homes sanctioned Workshops, access to Big Dog Yahoo Groups, access to Big Dog Facebook Page, access to all events hosted by Love American Homes, and access to Canis Major Incubator Path to Sponsorship. Inner Circle Membership is valid for 1 year from the date when member joins the Big Dog Program. Upon expiration of the Inner Circle Membership, a renewal fee may be charged for renewal of Inner Circle Membership for a 1-year term.

Big Dog Membership

Big Dog Membership comprises access to online training tools such as REIMatcher and Canis Major Incubator website account, access to Residential and Commercial 12 Week Expeditions, access to coaches at the relevant Big Dog Membership levels that member has paid for, and membership to Canis Major Incubator for passive investing.

Canis Major Incubator Path to Sponsorship

Canis Major Incubator Path to Sponsorship is a training path in which members complete the online Commercial 12 Week Expedition which is followed by field understudy with experienced investors to progress from Commercial Big Dog to Acquisition Specialist to Co-Sponsor to Sponsor.


Code of Conduct and Ethics

 Member Representatives – Members agree to work together to maintain Inner Circle.

Non-Circumvention – Member’s shall not circumvent other member’s deals, buyers or sellers

Non-Disparagement – Members shall not disparage other members or Inner Circle founders

Non-Disclosure – Members shall protect other members’ proprietary resources

Professional Conduct – Members shall treat others with high ethical standards

Inner Circle members shall not engage in unprofessional conduct, including but not limited to:

False Representation: – Members shall not mislead or misrepresent other members

Hold Harmless – Members shall hold harmless other members’ advice, training, introductions, recommendations, etc.

Non-Compete – If members directly compete with the Inner Circle, they may be asked to leave

-passing a written list around for others to enter their contact information, or

-using a bowl, box or other collection device for people to drop their business cards in, or

-collecting contact info from the website or other methods where a member or non-member might think that the list is being created or cards are being collected for the Inner Circle, as opposed to some other use or organization.

Best Practices – Members are encouraged to engage in best practices when lending and partnering with one another on deals


If any provision of this Code of Conduct and Ethics is held to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the legality, validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions of this Code of Conduct and Ethics shall not be affected or impaired.

By becoming a member of the Inner Circle, each member pledges to conduct his/her business in accordance with the Code of Conduct & Ethics contained herein. Each Inner Circle member acknowledges and agrees that complaints about the member by any other member, property owner, resident, or any other individuals, can lead to the revocation of Inner Circle and/or Big Dog Membership at any time for any reason without refund of their membership fees. Inner Circle members also acknowledge and agree that by signing this Code of Conduct & Ethics, such action does not create any liability or legal duties which would give rise to any theory for direct or indirect damages of any kind against the founders of the Inner Circle and their entities.

Exhibit A
Inner Circle Best Practices


Exhibit B
Inner Circle Partner Policy

One of the many privileges of being a part of the Inner Circle is being able to share all the great benefits of the Program with your family and your business partner by bringing them on as Partners. This includes EVERYTHING – from the 12 Week Expedition, to all the coaching calls, to all the free workshops, and to gaining access to the Inner Circle meetings. 

This Partner Policy provides relevant definitions and descriptions of the rules on bringing on Partners to the Inner Circle.


A Partner falls under 2 categories:

Immediate Family

Business Partner

Partner Policy