Business Planning

Business Planning – Table of Contents

The Business Planning section includes the processes you need to put in place to build your business correctly while balancing your administrative workload with your need to get leads and maximize your returns.  This section will give you key insights and step by step instructions to building your Power Team, Marketing Plan, Action Plan, and […]

Business Planning – Video 1

Business Planning Video 1 – Slides 1-12 Building a Business, Step by Step, Elements of your Business, Building your Power Team, Your Power Team 100 Steps to Mortgage Assignment Success | (PDF) | (Editable Doc) Download Audio Section E | Table of Contents | AMPS™ Home | Video 2 Copyright © 2011 Love American Homes. […]

Business Planning – Video 2

Business Planning Video 2 – Slides 13-26 Building a Business Plan, Executive Summary, Company Description, Market/Customer Strategy, Purchasing/Investing Strategy, Marketing Plan, Operations, Financial Analysis and Projections, Back to Executive Summary, Business Plan – Additional Tips, Building the Marketing Plan, Build a Budget for Campaigns, Build a Marketing Plan Template, Building a Marketing Plan – In […]

Business Planning – Video 3

Business Planning Video 3 – Slides 27-33 Build an Action Plan, Action Plan – Week 1 Example, Action Plan – Week 2 Example, Action Plan – Week 3 Example, Action Plan – Wee 4 Example, Action Plan – Week 5 Example, Accountability. Download Audio Video 2 | Table of Contents | AMPS™ Home | Advanced […]