AMPS™ Appendix Library

Welcome to the Love American Homes appendix library. In these pages you will find the documents referenced in our RE-Volution and Mortgage Assignment training series, as well as our Gold Coaching Program. These documents will prove to be useful tools as you negotiate and execute your deals. Please note that these documents are for educational purposes and all contracts and legal forms should be reviewed by your attorney and CPA for validity. Also, keep in mind that every state, county, and city may have their own laws and contracts. While much of the terminology is similar, the execution may not be exactly the same. Be sure to familiarize yourself with your own local requirements.

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New Addition: Cutting Edge Real Estate Solutions – Realtor and Investor Presentation | (PDF)

*Note: We always try to provide you with the most up to date resources.  We recommend you use our most up to date contracts, which are available through your REI Matcher Pro subscription.


Can’t find a document? You’ve been upgraded!

The MAPS program has been updated, and is now AMPS – The Assignment of Mortgage Payment System.

There have been some legal changes in the market. It happens all the time. The good news is, we’ve got you covered! Just follow the new “In Case of Deal, Break Glass” module and you’ll be up to date.

In fact we have a team constantly monitoring legal and market changes nationwide to keep contracts up to date. Use your REI Matcher™ membership to access the most current material.

If you’re left brained like me, and want more details about why we’re making these changes, see the left brained explanation below:

The various legal documents and disclosures used with MAPS are not up to date and should no longer be used. The old MAPS documents have not been reviewed for compliance with the most recent legislation and regulations such as the SAFE Act, MARS Act, Truth-In-Lending laws, Dodd-Frank bill, etc.

With the AMPS upgrade, we now recommend the contracts and procedures developed by the Torok Law Firm P.C.. These contracts are available with the AMPS program through the REIMatcher platform, and are updated and maintained by the Torok Law Firm P.C..

The new contracts significant simplify the “contracting” process by integrating all of the disclosures and disclaimers into a single document, maintaining the contracts to current regulations, and providing a unique versions for each of the 50 states.

Please refer to the new training module “In Case of Deal, Break Glass” for information about the contracts as well as step by step instructions on how to paper up a deal when you are ready to go!