Investor Playbook – Table of Contents

Video 1 – Slides 1-13

Investor Playbook – The REI Matcher, Managing your MAPS investing Business, How REI Matcher makes this a “team sport”, Solution: Recruit an Army!, Example of “A Match!”, How does the Team Thing work?, Marketing Fee Agreement.

Video 2 – Slides 14-18

Investor Playbook – Limited Partnership Agreement (The Investor Protector).

Video 3 – Slides 19-41

Investor Playbook – Compensation, Compensation Negotiation, Pigs get Fat, Hogs get Slaughtered, Now that we’ve explained the power of matching…, I know lots of Investors just looking for rental property…, I know lots of Realtors just looking for houses for civilians…, I know lots of Realtors listing owner finance homes for civilians…, The Possibilities Are Endless…, Top 10 Ideas for Finding Sellers, Top 5 Ideas for Finding Buyers, For More on REI Matcher.

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