In Case of Deal – Video 1

In Case of Deal, Break Glass!

Video 1 – Slides 1-10

In Case of Deal Break Glass!, Housekeeping, Welcome to AMPS, MAPS Program Review, AMPS Legal Network, Torok Law Firm, AMPS Standard Master Agreement (SMA) “Super Contract”, REI Matcher Pro, Demystifying the AMPS Legal Process.

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As a beginner with little to no experience, this is perfect.
Even if I had done many deals it is wonderful. Time and knowledge is number one for me. This saves an amazing amount of time and money, in advertizing, finding buyers/sellers. With the legal safety assurance. It adds up to little stress and much more enjoyable deals.
Sumara Buchanan
Dream Home Enterprises, LLC

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This program is GREAT, I have to admit I was one of those who was like a deer, caught in the headlights of a car not knowing which way to take the MAPS program. Even though I went to the live session in VA, I was still sort of lost. The AMPS program has taken the blinders off and I am now moving forward. I am also working with Dani and her team, there is just no way to fail, unless I do nothing, and that’s not going to happen:-)


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