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Combo Plans

You’ll gain expert knowledge on the tools we use to put together those really difficult deals where you need to incorporate other methods to get the deal tied up including listings, short-sales, and house swapping.  We’ll show you how to combine the Mortgage Assignment strategies with these auxiliary plans so you can stop losing deals and make even more money because sometimes it takes more than one strategy to get a deal done.

Table of Contents:

Video 1 – Slides 1-7

Mortgage Assignment Profits System, Listing Referrals – Seller lead mapping for listings, listing referrals, listing referrals and MAPS deals, closing listing sellers – the “cake and eat it” close, the truth about listing referrals.

E1 – Listing Referrals

Video 2 – Slides 8-14

Mortgage Assignment Profits System, House Swapping – House swapping, house swapping and MAPS deals, case studies – my first deal, the truth about house swapping.

E8 – House Swapping

Video 3 – Slides 15-26

Mortgage Assignment Profits System, Short Sales – Seller lead mapping for short sales, short sales, how do you know you have a short sale, short examples, selling the short sale, explain the requirements, explain the benefits, explain the disadvantages, answer their questions.

E15 – Short Sales

E22 – Selling the Short Sale

Video 4 – Slides 27-37

Mortgage Assignment Profits System, Short Sales – Short sale – step by step, authorization to release loan information form, the lender package, how much should you offer, at the end of maze… acceptance letter!

E27 – Step by Step

Video 5 – Slides 38-46

Mortgage Assignment Profits System, Short Sales – Realtors and short sales, profit strategies, short sales and simultaneous closes, present day challenges of short sales, or you could just let us do all the work, the truth about short sales, case study- 11912 Hornsby, case study – 117 Squires, case studies – 10702 Glass Mountain.

E38 – More on Short Sales
E43 – The Truth About Short Sales

Video 6 – Slides 47-55

Mortgage Assignment Profit System, Equity Strategies – Seller lead mapping equity deals, wholesaling & assigning, rehabbing – fix and flip, buy and hold (leasing), foreclosures/auctions, equity partnering, options – auctions, the truth about equity deals.

E47 – Equity Strategies

E49 – Wholesaling and Assigning
E50 – Rehabbing:  Fix and Flip
E51 – Buy and Hold (Leasing)
E52 – Foreclosure/Auctions
E53 – Equity Partnering
E54 – Option – Auctions
E55 – The Truth About Equity Deals

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