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Alternative Strategies

Advanced and hybrid strategies you can implement to offer more solutions to your sellers while putting more money in your pocket.  This section includes a discussion on Wrap-around mortgages, Equity Holding Trusts, Lease Options as well as an intro into equity strategies.

Table of Contents:

Video 1 – Slides 1-9

Mortgage Assignment Profit System, Wraps – Seller lead mapping for wraps, EHTs and L/Os, wrap around mortgages, two options for wraps, selling with wraps, wraps, how to make wraps more likely to succeed.

D1 – Wrap Around Mortgages

D5 – Selling with Wraps

Video 2 – Slides 10-13

Mortgage Assignment Profit System, Wraps – Wrap negotiation the “least worst + equity” close, papering up the deal – P1 wrap around mortgages, wrap around checklist.

D11 – Papering the Deal

Video 3 – Slides 14-27

Mortgage Assignment Profit System, Wraps - Papering up the deal – wraps, the SAFE. Act, what transactions we need a licensed loan negotiator for, how to stay compliant, what you can not do as an investor, what you can as your buyer, how you handle the loan, what if they want to negotiate, preparing your loan officer, SAFE conclusions, the truth about wraps.

D18 – SAFE Act and Handling the Loan
D27 – The Truth About Wraps

Video 4 – Slides 28-39

Mortgage Assignment Profit System, Equity Holding Trusts – Seller lead mapping, for wraps, EHTs and L/Os, equity holding trusts – why this alternative, equity holding trust, equity holding trust definition, equity holding trust mechanics, equity holding trusts benefits, problems with equity holding trusts, papering up the deal – equity holding trusts, the truth about equity holding trusts..

D28 – Equity Holding Trusts

D34 – Benefits and Problems
D37 – Papering the Deal
D39 – The Truth About Equity Holding Trusts

Video 5 - Slides 40-51

Mortgage Assignment Profit System, Lease Options – Lease options – why this alternative, lease options, lease/option summary, lease/option questions, how to make lease/options more likely to succeed, lease/option alternatives, lease/option papering the deal, the truth about lease/options.

D40 – Lease/Options

D43 – Summary and Questions
D47 – Tips and Alternatives
D49 – Papering the Deal
D51 – The Truth About Lease/Options

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