The Assignment of Mortgage Payments System™

Section A: Marketing for Sellers & BuyersIn the Mortgage Assignment Marketing Section, we’ll show you the exact target market you are looking for, how to find both the buyers and sellers, how to market to them and how to put these deals together.

Section B: Deal Acquisition: Lead Processing & ContractsAll the details on how to handle the leads using our scripts, how to overcome objections, how to analyze and price the deal, and how to get it under contract. Plus we’ll take the fear out of filling out a contract and tell you everything you need to have in your agreements to create a no-hassle RE transaction that’s easy for the investor, seller, and buyer to understand.

Section B Supplement:  In Case of Deal, Break Glass – For most investors, the second scariest thing to NOT finding any deals is actually FINDING a deal and not knowing what to do next.  This video module is intended to take the mystery out of the contracting process, right through the closing process and beyond.  By the end of the module, you should have the confidence to go forth and get those deals and advance your business to the next level – where it is making you money and helping people at the same time!

Section C: Mortgage Assignment StrategiesThis is the meat of the presentation with everything you need to know about the strategy that was built for today’s RE investing market and exactly how to make money by matching unsellable houses with unloanable buyers.  It covers everything from the “Least Worst Option Close™”, the video script, checklists, Mortgage Assignment addendum, acknowledgments, buyer and seller Q&A’s to the due on sale clause. This section is your road-map to riches written in extreme detail to give you every advantage.

Section D: Alternative StrategiesAdvanced and hybrid strategies you can implement to offer more solutions to your sellers while putting more money in your pocket.  This section includes a discussion on Wrap-around mortgages, Equity Holding Trusts, Lease Options as well as an intro into equity strategies.

Section E: Combo PlansYou’ll gain expert knowledge on the tools we use to put together those really difficult deals where you need to incorporate other methods to get the deal tied up including listings, short-sales, and house swapping.  We’ll show you how to combine the Mortgage Assignment strategies with these auxiliary plans so you can stop losing deals and make even more money because sometimes it takes more than one strategy to get a deal done.

Want more? Don’t forget to check out our Bonus Course Materials, including Business Planning, Advanced Business Strategies and the Investor Playbook!

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