RE-Volution Training

The Live Workshop

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The Training Program

Section A: Marketing
Section B: Acquisition
Section C: 12 Ways to Buy & Sell Real Estate
Section D: Business Planning

Focus Seminar Series

12 Ways to Buy and Sell Real Estate
Get Rich Slow
Short Sales Made Easy
Top Investor Mistakes

The Quickstart Coaching Series

Our 6 week Quickstart Coaching program presents 6 weeks of coaching videos that go through the essentials of building and improving your real estate career, covering the below topics:

Week 1: Action Plan

This is where the rubber hits the road.  We’ll go through a detailed list of the top 50 items that every real estate investor needs to do to explode their investing careers.  This will help you develop a step-by-step action plan that will tell you what to do each week.  Based on how much time you have available, you can expedite it, too.

Week 2: Marketing Plan

We’ll go through an intense marketing discussion to help you get going on the MOST IMPORTANT part of your real estate investing to-do’s – MARKETING.  There is nothing more important in determining an investor’s success than the level, amount and kind of marketing that they do.  This invaluable discussion will get you on your way to choose what marketing will work best with you given the amount of time and money you have available and your personality style.

Week 3: Deal Analyzer In Action – Part 1

Phill will go through actual deals and demonstrate the power of the Deal Analyzer software!  He will go through case studies to show you the tricks of getting the most out of the software while evaluating deals,  so you’ll understand how to handle both the softball pitches and the curve balls.  We are going to bring up examples from a variety of the 12-strategies we use so you can see how a deal looks in real situations.  Watch as we tackle a deal using years of know-how and experience!

Week 4: Business Plan

We tell most investors to focus their initial efforts on marketing, but when they’re ready to take their business to the next level, this module will provide invaluable knowledge.

Week 5: Power Teams

We’ll teach you how to develop your Little Black Book of Real Estate Partners so you can leverage their knowledge, skills and abilities to build your own and, most importantly, help you close deals!

Week 6: Deal Analyzer In Action – Part 2

Expanding on Part I of the Deal Analyzer in Action class – Phill will dive deeper into more complex deals, spending more time demonstrating how he evaluates leads, spots the deals, and turns them in to dollars.

Applied Coaching Series

In addition to the 6 weeks of Quickstart videos – as a premium student you will also participate in the Applied Coaching Program.  You will be invited to register for 8 weeks of bi-weekly calls LIVE with Phill Grove in person!! Phill will go through active current deals that he is evaluating. He’ll then open up the call for live Q&A with his students.

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