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-- Phill Grove

Founder, Love American Homes

Arguably, The Nation's Most Successful

"Recession-Proof" Real Estate Investor

In Just A Few Moments, You'll Discover…

  • How to get started with NONE of your own money or credit...
  • Why NOW is the easiest (and most RISK-FREE) time for YOU to make "quick cash" in real estate… despite what you hear on the news!
  • How to get on the fast track without any prior experience!
  • How to finally escape the rat race and earn an amazing income from the comfort of your home (imagine what it would be like to earn $100,000 a year… or even $100,000 a month!)
  • How to do just a few hours of “smart” work and take most of the day OFF! Live the good life! When your real estate income machine runs on SYSTEMS like mine – you can work just a few hours a week and live your life as a paid vacation – and still make an amazing income!
  • And finally, how to start making money FAST and easy with my help and guidance!


From: Phill Grove
Austin, Texas

Dear Friend,

Here's the truth…

Get rich quick schemes don't work.

The promise of overnight success is more like a fairytale.

And your million-dollar payday isn't coming from an ad in Biz Startup Magazine or the latest issue of Entrepreneur Magazine.

So many of us get caught up searching for opportunities to create more money, more time, more freedom, but get caught in a constant circle of frustration.

I know… I've been there.

Hi, my name is Phill Grove (That's Phill, with two “L's”)

You've probably never heard of me, as I like to stay low-key, although I do have thousands and thousands of followers' success stories.

But I'm quickly becoming recognized as...

The Nation's Most Successful Real Estate Investor

In Today's Recessionary Market...

In the last 8 years I have amassed a fortune in real estate:

  • Participating in over 1,200 real estate transactions and counting.
  • Completed over 100 house renovations.
  • Acquired over $9.76 Million in assets (of which I own $4.5 Million free and clear).
  • Made millions in real estate profits... not including the monthly PASSIVE cash flow I get from my numerous rental properties.

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't say any of this to brag or boast.

Actually, it' s quite the opposite.

You see, it wasn't very long ago I was working long hours at a job and career I hated. I was running out of steam… totally burned-out… and desperate for an exit plan.

  • -   I wanted control.
  • -   I wanted to make my own decisions.
  • -   I hated the feeling of being under the thumb of my boss and company.
  • -   I needed to find a way to replace my existing income.
  • -   I didn't want a cap on how much money I could earn.
  • -   I never wanted to worry about pay cuts and lay-offs.
  • -   I was disappointed with the direction my life was going and I knew I deserved more...
  • -   I did not feel as if I was making the most of the one life I had to live.

Can You Relate?

So I did what many others do… spending hours at bookstores flipping through books on starting your own business and buying Entrepreneur Magazine and every similar magazine on the racks seeking that “golden opportunity”.

I considered different jobs, small companies, starting a restaurant, buying a franchise, anything under the sun that would rescue me from the rut I was in, and lead me down the path I was searching for.

In my search, I stumbled across someone who was “making money in real estate” and realized I found it.

The “real estate business” offered things none of the other opportunities could. For example…

  1. Limitless opportunity and no cap on the money I make.
  2. Endless supply and demand.
  3. The ability to replace my income.
  4. Multiple ways to make a profit: Large upfront paydays from quick-flips, monthly passive income from rentals, and appreciation in equity.
  5. No need to use my own money or credit and take on zero personal risk (when done the right way).
  6. No need for a professional licenses or prior experience.
  7. No office, no boss, no set hours… and total freedom.
  8. And an 8 to 12 year “exit plan” that would set me (and my family) up for life!

Once I discovered all the benefits of real estate, I dove in, reading every book, attending every training seminar, putting my nose to the grindstone and taking action.

Then it happened...

December 15, 2003 - The Day That Changed My Life Forever.

This is the day I got paid on my first deal. After six months of studying in my spare time and hitting the streets to find the right deals, on that day I bought three houses and sold one.

I made $19,000 on that one house I sold… I kept the other as a rental I have to this day (it came with a mortgage included that my tenant will pay off in the next few months, leaving me owning it free and clear after 8 years!) and on the third house, I made a huge profit on down the road using a strategy I'll share with you a bit later. (Keep reading!)

But that day in December 2003 was a turning point.

That was the day I left my old life and old job behind.

That was the day my new life began!

That was the day I went from being an electrical engineer to being a “transaction engineer.” I went from designing tools, technology, and strategies for solving problems for other people - for my boss, my company... to designing tools, technology, and strategies for solving real estate problems for myself (and buyers and sellers)… that paid me multiple times more than I was earning as an electrical engineer!

Experts say it takes 10,000 hours to master a craft. Well, from 2003 to 2008 I spent over 10,000 hours perfecting my craft as a transaction engineer and real estate entrepreneur.

And now, I'm sharing it with others.

I've been through the trial and error, and the school of hard knocks… so you don't have to.

And now, I've created a proven SYSTEM and set of tools that practically does deals for me and makes me money on auto-pilot! I've built something that can now be copied. Join me and it can do the same for you!

Would an EXTRA $20,000 have made a difference
for you this month?

The money you can earn in this business is great!

Having a dependable, reliable, consistent income each and every month without being a slave to a boss will be such an incredible and liberating experience for you. I know it was for me.

It feels amazing to know I never have to worry about money again, and that I can enjoy the finer things in life now.

Luxury vehicles.

Expensive “toys”.

Fine dining experiences. (WITHOUT having to worry about the prices on the menu.)

A first-class college education for my young son, which is already paid for IN FULL.

First-class vacations with my wife and family.

And my beautiful 10,000 square foot, $3.5 million dollar home that has brought so much joy to my family.

Here's a couple of photo's of my home…

It was actually featured on KXAN (NBC) News as Austin's most high tech home because it can do anything - right from my iPhone!

I'll give you a tour, if you are interested... I give all of my apprentices a tour...

Yes, I feel truly blessed to be able to have the MONEY and monthly income to enjoy all of these wonderful things… but what I really love about my new life is the FREEDOM

It's the same FREEDOM you can enjoy with me...

FREEDOM from money worries.

FREEDOM to spend more time with your family and the people you love.

FREEDOM to buy the kind of homes or cars that YOU CHOOSE (not what you have to “settle for”…)

FREEDOM to take days off whenever YOU want (not when your boss “gives you permission”)

FREEDOM to travel and create magical memories…

FREEDOM to live life on your terms.

That's TRUE financial freedom.

That's the kind of life my system has created for me. And I know (beyond a shadow of a doubt) if you simply follow my step-by-step directions…

It Can Do The Same For You!

Like I said earlier, now that my real estate business runs like a well-oiled machine, I work just a few hours a week, and the money still gushes into my bank account!

Just imagine what it would be like relaxing in the comfort of your own home. You do a few hours of easy (for you) “work”… and then take the rest of the day off!

You are a free person now. You have no demanding boss. No soul-sucking job. No commute. And few worries other than those of growing old gracefully.

You just make sure your “real estate money machine” is running smooth, bringing you prospects… converting those prospects into deals… and MAKING YOU MONEY.

Then you'll have the rest of the day to relax… do a little shopping… go watch a movie in the middle of the week – while everyone else is at work! (This is one of MY favorite things to do… it's amazing to have the entire theatre to yourself instead of having to wait in long lines, and trying to find decent seats!)

Or you can just spend more time with your family.

Or you can use that new found time to play golf (something I'm not good at)… or spend time on one of your other hobbies (I have many)… basically just enjoy life!

The point is, the choice is up to YOU!

Now, I know all of this may sound good, but you may be wondering if it's really possible. I know, it almost sounds to good to be true.

So here's what I'd like to do now, is show you…


Here are copies of checks from just a few of my deals and deals I and my students have made recently…

Can you see how life-changing plugging into my system could be for you?

I'm willing to bet just ONE of those checks would have dramatically made your life easier this month… that's true, isn't it?

Well, we can make that a reality for you.

My system involves 12 unique ways of turning any house into money…

That allows you to make money, no matter what the housing market is doing right now.

As you read this right now, the news will tell you that investing in real estate is a terrible idea.

That it's too risky.

They will tell you, sure… people were making money a few years ago, but now things have changed, and many of those same people lost their shirt.

Look, this is HOGWASH.

You are about to be let in to an INSIDER'S SECRET.

Right now prices for real estate are at ROCK BOTTOM prices.

The people that have the CASH to buy properties are buying them up as fast as they can!

America Is On Sale.

Now, even though you may or may not have the cash to buy these amazing deals for yourself (yet) there is an AMAZING opportunity to make QUICK CASH… $5,000… $10,0000… and MORE…. by simply finding these deals and handing them off to these HUNGRY CASH INVESTORS.

My strategies will show you how.

My strategies work in up markets, down markets, and sideways markets alike... My craft works when it's easy to borrow and when it's hard to borrow... You see I have perfected a system to automatically match the appropriate money-making strategy to any particular deal I find. To automatically match up everyone else's haves and wants.

When other investors -- that relied on specific investing techniques that worked in specific markets -- were going broke in 2007, my real estate business kept booming as I was moving into my new 10,000 square foot mansion.

When other investor's “buy & hold” portfolios were going down in value, mine continued to appreciate!

By 2009, so many investors observed me doing so many deals, that I would get asked to lunch almost every day from someone that just wanted to “pick my brain” to understand how I was doing it.

And, I was happy to share, I always have been, until my wife Shenoah finally put her foot down and said “I don't mind you teaching all these people your secrets, but I can't afford to let you go to 2 hour lunches every day!”

She suggested we find other (more efficient) ways to teach our craft...

So, we started teaching people locally in Austin, and soon had hundreds and hundreds of followers each month...then we began teaching all across Texas, and taught large audiences in every major city, then all over the USA, and then even other countries...

Now I have students all over the world using my techniques. My students are living proof.

In fact, through my network of students all across the U.S. and Canada, students get paid on an average of 1-3 real estate transactions every single day -- earning an average of $12,000 per transaction! And that's only the ones I'm hearing about!

Now it's your turn.

Let me show you how you can become my next...

“7-Figure Apprentice”

If you want to create a dependable and reliable income in real estate… without using any of your own money or credit… then I can help you do that!

Over the next 4-weeks I'll take you by the hand and work with you every day to help you build your own 7-figure real estate empire… just like mine.

You'll have an insiders look at my own business, as if you were my Apprentice.

My strategies for creating real estate profits work in any market, especially in today's market. In fact, I guarantee it.

I can assure you that my results are very real, and that my student's results are very real. You'll see some of my own examples a bit later, and hear from my students across the country.

(Remember, my nationwide student base completes an average 1-3 real estate transactions a day… earning an average of $12,000 per transaction. Most started with ZERO money and ZERO experience.)

What I can also assure you of is that my students and I have all put forth some effort to create our results.

There is no easy money – just a proven, simpler way.

My “7-Figure Apprentice Program” will help you get started in a real business that can provide you with a big, steady income.

Here's just some of what you get with my 7-Figure Apprentice Program:

  1. A proven plan for creating a dependable income in real estate. We're talking $5,000 to $60,000 a month or more. You don't need money, credit, or experience. It all depends on how much effort you want to put in.
  2. The #1 way to ensure your success.
  3. You will actually watch me do and get paid on deals!
  4. Why/how “strategic thinking” will make you a lot of money “right now”… and in years to come.
  5. Why no-cost/low-cost marketing is the most important key to your real estate business... and how to get paid on deals using these simple techniques.
  6. How to earn at least $4 for every $1 you invest (in marketing)... and do it again, and again, and again.
  7. How to get paid on real estate transactions without selling anything.
  8. How to sell “un-sellable” houses to “un-loanable” buyers and make a killing in the process. This is a very little-known and strategy that works extremely well in today's market… in all 50 states.
  9. Proven “Post-Bubble” investing strategies that will make you rich! (Even if you have no money, no credit, no experience!)
  10. I've made over $3 Million doing one type of real estate transaction – that I show you how to do. (It's just one of my 12 strategies.) But I'll tell you the TRUTH about this strategy and where you should focus for greatest profits! This is what other real estate trainers “leave out”.
  11. I'll teach you a strategy I used to earn almost $300,000 on ONE transaction! And why/how you should be using that strategy right now.
  12. How to get other people to work for you (and find you deals)… and they don't get paid until you get paid.
  13. How to profit from a property you never own or can't buy or sell. When you do this right, you can make money from any deal that crosses your desk.
  14. The biggest mistakes I've ever made, and how you can avoid them. Over the years I've gotten some major education from the ‘school of hard knocks' that's cost me tens-of-thousands, if not in the hundreds… but follow my lead and you won't have to pay the same tuition.
  15. The #1 quality of the world's top negotiator's that I personally learned from my friend, George Ross, who was Donald Trump's right hand man for over 30 years.
  16. How to negotiate the perfect deal: 0% down, 0% interest rate, 0% payment loan. (With these financing terms, how many would you buy?)
  17. How to turn your life around and finally take charge of your freedom and life!
  18. Donald Trump's simple formula for massive success. (Again, something his right hand man, George Ross taught me.)
  19. The 5 questions you need to ask yourself to ensure success in real estate and every other area of life.
  20. “Speed Of Implementation”... why it's important and how to do it.
  21. The 12 strategies I use to buy, sell and profit from real estate without using my own money and without personal risk – and my ONE most powerful strategy for today's market.
  22. The “Seven Deadly Truths” of investing in real estate today, and how you can avoid the common pitfalls and traps failing investors fall victim to.
  23. How my simple, dirt-cheap (free) style of marketing landed my last 3 properties, and what I did to close and profit. (And why I walked away from the 3rd one.)
  24. How to make $15,000 for every 20 deals you look at. (Real estate is a numbers game and this is my “ratio”. I'll show you exactly how to do the same.)
  25. How to pay for a child's college tuition in advance - from one deal! (I did!)
  26. Putting your real estate business on auto-pilot creating a 24/7 money machine that finds qualified buyers and motivated seller around the clock.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg of what I have in store for you when you join my 7-Figure Apprentice Program.

Today's real estate market is ripe with opportunity. It's waiting for you, that is if you have the drive and direction.

Does any of this apply to you?

  1. You're tired of working in your current job or career day-in and day-out, frustrated with the money you're currently making, not living up to your potential, and you want a proven way to free yourself from your job.
  2. You want dependable, reliable, consistent income each and every month without being a slave to a boss.
  3. You've been searching for a way to make extra money part time starting with no money, without credit and without experience and can get started right away.
  4. You've been interested in real estate investing because you know that house prices are at rock bottom, but don' t know how or where to get the money or the deals.
  5. You are ready to take action to experience the freedom and success that your own home-based business can provide.*

(*This is important. You must be willing to take action to get the results you want!)

Here's Why You Should Give My
7-Figure Apprentice Program A Try…

1. No Money Or Credit Needed.

With my real estate methods you don't need money or credit, and you never put yourself at personal risk. Don't get me wrong - I also teach methods that do require money (and I'll show you how to find it), but the majority of deals I do require no money at all. I'll show you how to control real estate, for example, with nothing out of pocket, no down payments, and no mortgages. In fact, you'll learn how to use other people's money (OPM) to take control of real estate without ever qualifying for a traditional bank loan. This is how all mega-successful investors do it - your business is simply not scalable if you don't do it this way.

2. No Experience Required.

There are no licenses or professional certifications necessary to make this business work. We're not talking about being a Realtor - they don't know how to use any of these techniques (until they become one of my students). You don't need to be a real estate expert to make money in real estate. I've done all the trial and error for you. In the last 8 years I've participated in over 1,200 real estate transactions, collected $9.76 Million in assets and made millions in profits. Now I want to take you by the hand and show you the way as my 7-Figure Real Estate Apprentice.

3. Works In Any Market.

These strategies work right now, in today's recession economy. In fact, I have 12 methods of real estate that work in any market, anywhere in the country. This is a proven fact.

4. Long Term Business.

The 7-Figure Apprentice business model is not a “fly-by-night-get-rich-quick-scheme.” The opposite is true. I consider what I share a conservative way to get rich in today's market and earn $5,000 to $10,000 or more per month starting this month. When you follow the steps I teach in the program you will not only make large upfront sums of cash, but also set yourself up with income for life. And these strategies are repeatable and produce consistent, reliable results.

5. Lifestyle Business.

You don't need a tremendous amount of time, you don't need an office, you don't need a staff. You can profit from real estate in today's market and do it on your own terms. Heck, you can even do this business while on vacation with your family using what I teach you. If you have 5 to 10 hours a week, and a strong desire you can enjoy substantial results. Your income is not dependent on how hard your work or how many hours, but how smart you work. As my 7-figure Apprentice I will teach you to work smarter, work less, make more, and enjoy life!

6. Start Right Now.

Once you join my 7-Figure Apprentice Program, you will have access to everything you need to start making your first $5,000 to $10,000 or more per month as a successful real estate investor. You don't need money, or credit or need to incur any personal risk. You don't need a license or professional experience. And you just need a few hours a week to be well on your way to building a real estate empire. Make the decision to get started and I'll show you how.

My 7-Figure Apprentice is a unique program where I focus my attention on YOU and how you learn best. That said, the entire program is...

Delivered In Easy-To-Understand,
Easy-to-Digest Daily Lessons.

It's easy to get overwhelmed with information. Especially when learning new things. I know it was for me.

If you were piled on with hours of videos, hundreds of pages of workbooks and manuals, seemingly endless audios… do you know where you would begin?

Forget that nonsense.

It's hard enough to cut through the clutter of everyday life as it is.

With that in mind, I've come up with a unique accelerated method that makes the 7-Figure Apprentice easy for you to understand and implement.

I'm literally taking you by the hand over the next 4 weeks and working with you daily to help you take small steps to massive income goals.

Here's how it works…


Everyday you and I will get together for a brief strategy meeting (via emails and streaming videos), where I will talk to you directly to your face, and take you through the "insider lesson" for that day.

I will expect you to be eager and ready to take notes, and more importantly -- ready to TAKE ACTION on the money-making lesson for that day.

First thing every morning during our 4 weeks together I will send you your daily money-making lesson. Usually an email from me with a lesson, or perhaps a video I just recorded, or even an invitation to get on a live webinar with me.

Note: This will be exclusive to you. Do NOT share it with anyone.

Through the magic of technology you will be transported right into my private office, my home, my vehicle, or out in the field checking out a deal with me.  

Wherever our strategy meeting happens to take place that day, you will get to look over my shoulder, just as if you were there in person with me.

It's powerful when you see and watch me do it… then put the knowledge into practice.

You'll be looking over my shoulder as I work on my own business and get paid. There is nothing more effecting that this sort of “experiential learning”

Plus you will get a daily dose of motivation, inspiration, and of course your money-making lesson for that day, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, your daily money-making ACTION ASSIGNMENT.

You can also expect to receive additional resources and videos to help you better grasp each daily lesson. There will also be some surprise bonuses along the way.

This unique way of learning lets you focus on exactly what's most important in the process.

First we'll cover the theory, then we'll put it into practice.

This is where most training courses stop – they don't put the learning into action.

I practice what I preach, my students are “do-ers”, and because of that we see great results.

When we finish 4-weeks together you'll not only be armed with the knowledge to earn tens-of-thousands of dollars on deals… you'll have confidence from seeing how it's done, and you'll be well on your way because you've taken the action steps along the way. (Step-by-step, day-by-day.)

I guarantee, if you simply follow my directions, and take positive, expectant action with each daily assignment, at the end of our time together you will be astonished at the progress you've made, the amount money you've put in your bank account, and you will look back at this day as the turning point in your life.

So don't delay, the sooner you get started the sooner you'll start seeing the results and money you desire.

This is NOT rocket science.

I've broken this down into simple and easy daily steps anyone can follow.

I believe in you.

By the time we're done you'll be on your way to earning your own big checks as a real estate investor and the FREEDOM to enjoy life on your terms.

Now join me as my next apprentice and I will open up a whole new world for you.

Okay, by now I'm sure you're asking...

So How Much is 7-Figure Apprentice?

Good question.

First… I want to tell you why I'm doing this.

The truth is, I'm building an army to take over the world! Actually that's a little bit of an exaggeration, but only a little...

Actually there are 2 main reasons…

  1. I sincerely enjoy teaching and watching others succeed (and the opportunity today is huge).
  2. I'm building an international network of investors, that are doing deals everywhere, that I can also potentially partner with and do deals with.

I've made joining me an easy decision, by the way, when you compare it to the value I give.

To become a member of my 7-Figure Apprentice Program is only $99.

No Thanks

That's a one-time investment for 4-weeks of high-level, effective training delivered to you daily.

I could easily charge 10-times or 100-times that amount and it would still be worth the investment. (Heck, one real estate transaction under your belt will easily cover 100-times the small investment I'm asking.)

It's my hope you see the value, take action, and get results (and join my army)...

When you take day-by-day action over the next 4-weeks, like this program describes, you'll be well on your way to your own real estate empire.

The keyword there is ACTION!

Important, there's more...

My main business is real estate investing... So I've only agreed to sell Seven Figure Apprentice as long as the money goes to charity...

100% of the profits from Seven Figure Apprentice will go to St Jude Children's hospital to help children fight pediatric cancers. It's one of George Ross and my favorite charitable organizations to support.

But let's do some math.

4 weeks, that's 30 days together. That's about $3.30 a day. That's me holding your hand teaching you a new skill that can serve you well for the rest of your life… for less than the price for a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Frankly, I'd gladly offer this program for FREE, except that I need to separate the people that are actually going to do something with this, from the passive spectators that would waste my time.

Plus, frankly, I'm only interested in working with people for which spending $99 to “personally” work with me, and see how this works, is a “no brainer”.

Just imagine what this program can do for you...

It just takes one real estate transaction to set you on a path that will change your life.

One deal changed my life, and I never looked back.

My small group of students nationwide do 1-3 deals a day on average… earning a average of $12,000 per transaction! Now you can join them!

What can one check for $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 or more do for you in terms of creating a new potential future for you? How about a continuous steam of these checks?

Following my system will give you the know-how and confidence to put checks in your back account.

In fact, I guarantee it!

Your decision today is entirely risk-free!

Take the entire 60 days to try the program. That's four-weeks longer than the program itself. You can review each day, put the training into action and start seeing the results yourself. If at the end of that time for whatever reason you're not 100% fully satisfied I'll issue you a full refund, in a prompt and courteous manner, no questions asked!

If you're not happy with the results you get by applying my daily lessons, I don't want to keep your money. Even more, if there is anything about the program you just don't like, for any reason at all, just let me know and I'll refund your $99 investment on the spot… no quarrels, no hassles!

You see, I need an army of winners... not whiners...

And, I want you to have complete confidence in your decision today. And I want you to give me an honest shot at helping you live the life you really want!

The fact that you're reading this message today tells me something about you. It tells me you want more than your current situation. It tells me you're someone who is trainable and coachable.

And Remember... 100% of the profits go to charity.

Let me coach you through the program, there's no risk, and I'm giving you proven strategies that have made me millions of dollars!

When you accept my limited-time offer today to join the 7-Figure Apprentice for only $99 you'll get started right way.

In fact, your first lesson will be in your email box almost immediately.

No hours of listening to CDs… no videos overloading your system.

We start from day one, and build from there.

But to make sure you get the most our of my 7-Figure Apprentice Program I've also included some extra valuable GIFTS.

Order Today And You'll Also Get This Special Bonus...

My Real Estate 12-Ways To Do a Deal Training (A $299 value.)
On this webinar I'll walk you through my 7-figure real estate business so you can make the shift in your own life. You'll see my 12 strategies, with real life example of each. You'll also learn how I market for homes, and the different ways I attract potential buyers who line up to buy my properties even before I have any to sell. This is my fast start guide and you can watch it immediately as soon as you order today.

Start Today, Become My 7-Figure Apprentice.

For the next 4 weeks you and I can get to know one another very well. You'll learn my secrets, and follow along in bite-sized steps.

You don't need money, credit, or experience but you can make a very nice living making $5,000, $10,000 to $60,000 per month like clockwork. Imagine what that could do for your family's future. Feel the relief of being debt free. Have confidence knowing the security you can give your loved ones. See yourself living the life you know you deserve.

You can get started for a ridiculously low fee, but only if you act today. I can only work with a limited number of 7-Figure Apprentices and once I grow my followers to the size I'm seeking, I'll either increase the fee dramatically or just stop doing my 4-week Apprentice Program all together.

But I suggest you don't wait. You'd made it this far for a reason. You know there's something out there waiting for you. This is your answer.

I remember what it was like a few years ago. Struggling, frustrated, feeling broken, feeling like I had not reached my potential. Real estate has given me the opportunity to take my life back and for that I'm grateful. Yes, it took me time, trial and error. It was a hard road for me at first. I've paid my dues and I've been greatly rewarded.

Now you can instantly be rewarded, too, by becoming my Apprentice… and let me show you the way (and an extreme short-cut).

This is my chance to give back to others looking for the same opportunity I was given. But now I can short cut your journey. I've made the path, I've created the map, I've drawn the arrow. Now I'm willing to take you by the hand and help you along the way

I recommend you start right now. My strategies work especially well right now. The barrier of entry for you to cash-in is low – practically non-existent. When you put my lessons in to action you'll see how easy it is to start creating impressive paydays through real estate.

To get started right now click the orange button below. You can also call to order by phone, 1-512-853-9522. We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience.

Best regards,

Phill Grove

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P.S. Here's some Q&A about my 7-Figure Apprentice Program…

Q. Phill, is it really possible to make money in real estate without using my own money?

  • A. Absolutely! Everyone knows of people that have made fortunes in real estate. Most great wealth is made through real estate. And, even if you have some money, it's better to NOT USE IT simply because you can only build great wealth after you learn how to make money without money - because relying on using your own money will limit that person to only doing as many deals as they can afford to fund. Doing deals without money is unlimited, and thus infinitely scalable. The strategies in 7-Figure Apprentice are working today without traditional loans and without money for down payments. You'll learn creative solutions for making a profit on small homes to luxury mansions without money out of pocket. On top of no money strategies, you'll learn how to use OPM (Other People's Money) to fund your real estate transactions with no personal risk to you!

Q. I have a low credit score, can I still do this?

  • A. Yes! Your credit doesn't matter. I have perfect credit, and it does not help me a bit because I don't use bank financing - it takes too long and is not applicable to what I do. When you buy real estate the way I show you the value of the property is all that is considered. And I show you how to find the right properties that are easy to take control of and make a profit on.

Q. I know nothing about real estate, I haven't even bought my own home. Is 7-Figure Apprentice right for me?

  • A. Yes, it is. You don't need any experience in real estate whatsoever. Everyone starts this business the same way - with no experience looking to do their first deal. Follow my teachings and you can get started right away. You don't need a license or certification, but you can get large checks as a real estate investor in as little as 30 days from today.

Q. What do I get in your program? Will I be overwhelmed with the content?

  • A. I've been thinking about this for quite a while - how to optimally help my students. I've designed 7-Figure Apprentice to be easy for you to follow along. That's why I deliver these lessons from me to you daily via email, in bite-sized chucks for you to learn and implement along the way. Over the next 4-weeks I'll take you by the hand so you can learn every angle of real estate investing you need to know to start making a profit... all it takes is a little action every day. And I'll be by your side to see you through.

Q. How much time does it take to use your methods?

  • A. That's the beauty of owning your own business. You have freedom. Your results are dependent on how much you want to make and how much effort you want to invest. My experience is that once you get started, my methods average around one qualified opportunity for every 3 hours of time invested. Additionally, when you are getting started, about 1 out of 20 opportunities will yield a deal that averages around $15,000 in profits. Of course these are all averages, but you get the idea. Once you start doing deals and making money, you make more by paying others to find more deals for you, and growing a network of people to do deals with. If you keep going (and make millions) you might even want to expand your network further by teaching others, just like I do.

Q. Do you guarantee I will make money in real estate?

  • A. Ok, I should tell you this. I've personally made millions in real estate and continue to do so. It's easy for me now. I have students across the country that are making a very nice living and doing very well. However, there are NO guarantees in life. I'm a realist, and a very practical down to earth guy. While other get rich quick hype men will try to pitch you a miracle cure, I'll lay it down on the line. Making money in real estate, like any business venture involves work, effort, and dedication. Without that you cannot succeed - in this or anything else. And that's all what you put into it.

I do guarantee that my strategies are absolutely sound and absolutely proven. Unlike a lot of baloney out there. You can see for yourself and give my program a try for 60-days risk-free. If at the end of 60-days you don't think this program was right for you, for whatever reason, let me know and I'll refund your entire $99 investment, no questions asked, no hassles.

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