Image on Craigslist Property Post

Per new Craigslist policy, only Paid ads on Craigslist will have photos,  free versions will not. Users may use the Craigslist photo uploader to upload photos.

You will be prompted to upload images after you have entered your post’s title and description.
1. Once you have entered the information for your post, click “continue.”
2. On the next page, click “Choose Files.”
Please note: the name of this button may vary depending on your web browser.
3. A window or dialog box should appear where you can locate the image files stored on your computer.
  • Browse through the available image files and locate the first image you wish to upload.
  • Select the image and click “Choose.”
  • If the image is uploaded successfully, it will appear in the area below the Choose Files button.
  • If you have multiple images to upload, repeat the process above.
  • To remove an image, click the “x” that’s on top of the image on the right side.
4. When all of your images are uploaded, click “done with images.”
5. On the next page you can view a preview of your post. Make sure the text and images are accurate.
If your post looks good, click “continue.”
To add additional images or remove uploaded images, click “edit images.”

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