Yahoo DMARC Policy

Are you an REIMatcher Plus or Pro member who uses a Yahoo email address to log-in to your REIMatcher account? Or, do you use a Yahoo email address for your Investor, Buyer and Seller Brands? If you do use Yahoo, we have some very important information for you regarding autoresponders, contracts and other emails that [...]

Vanity Domain Goes to a 404 Error Page

Do you get a 404 error page when you try open your vanity websites? Chances are you might still be using the old IP address ( ) for your A record to redirect your domain. To verify this, log into your domain DNS manager and check your domain’s A record. If its still using [...]

Using “Jing” to Create Screenshots and Videos

Here’s a fun and easy way to capture screen shots and create videos to share. First, you need to download the Jing software: Download Jing for Windows here Download Jing for Mac here then create an account and you’re ready to capture! 1. To start, look for the yellow ball on your screen,  then box [...]

Troubleshooting: Don’t See New Phone Number on Websites

If you have updated the Business Phone number on your Company Info and don’t see them on your websites, here are steps to check: Step 1.) Go to  your Company Info page (Admin > Company Info), verify that correct information is indeed displayed, if not, make the changes and press “Update Settings”. Step 2.) Go [...]

Troubleshooting: Video Problems

If you’re having problems viewing the HOW TO videos, REIMatcher Success Camp video series or the AMPS Training videos….. Please follow the following troubleshooting steps first. Step 1 – Make sure that you are logged in to you REIMatcher account. Step 2 – The common error message you receive when this happens is “An Error [...]