Map Centering

Is the map on your Buyer Website not centered to your target area within the territory? If you wish to focus the map to your desired area, here’s how: 1.) Go to the Buy tab > click on Buyer Websites. 2.) Choose the Buyer Website you wish to “Edit“. 3.) On the set up page, [...]

Adding 2nd and 3rd Territories

Please refer to Adding 2nd and 3rd Buyer Websites topic.

What are Territories?

Territories are the locations where you want to activate your Buyer Website(s). These are your target market areas! You currently have three (3) territories included in your subscription, and you are entitled to have a Buyer Website for each. To know more about selecting territories, see Choosing a Territory for further details.

Choosing a Territory

If you are looking at territories and having a hard time deciding which territory to choose, try the following: 1. Use the Territory Helper feature, this is displayed when you are creating your Buyer website. 2. You can also choose from our compiled territory breakdown, listed alphabetically by state, and name of territory. Names listed [...]

Changing & Deleting Territories

Unfortunately you cannot change the territory of an existing Buyer website. You would need to delete the current Buyer website to re-create a new one with the correct territory. Simply follow these steps: From your Dashboard, go to Buy tab > click the Buyer Websites link Select the Territory/ Buyer Website from the list that [...]