Seller Marketing

Do More Deals With Bird Dogs

Bird Dogs are investors that are typically (but not always) new to the real estate investment game.  They are eager to get into the investment business and can do much of the leg-work for more experienced investors.  Bird Dogs capture leads for you so you can spend your valuable time closing more deals! It’s easy to [...]

How to Find Bird Dogs?

Are you interested in finding Bird Dogs for yourself? Or has someone contacted you about being a Bird Dog for you but you don’t know what to do next? A Bird Dog is an Investor who spends their time finding solid leads for you to pursue. These Investors are usually new to Real Estate game [...]

How To Become a Bird Dog

Ready to start making money right away? Becoming a Bird Dog for Investors in your area is easy! The first step in becoming a Bird Dog is to find the Badge ‘I want Seller Leads’ on the Profiles of those Investors who are looking for Bird Dogs. Once you find the Investors with the ‘I [...]

REIMatcher’s Marketing Co-op

Being a powerful Real Estate Marketer is key to a successful Real Estate Investing Business! REIMatcher now includes the ULTIMATE Real Estate Investing Marketing resource: The Marketing Co-op! To learn more about how to get started, simply click the video below!

Seller Leads: Assigning Responders

To Assign Responders to your Seller Leads: 1.) Go to Sell tab > Manage Seller Leads. 2.) Choose the Lead whom you want to assign a Responder Sequence. 3.) Select the Responder series using the drop down at the top right portion of the Lead page, press Update. 4.) Make sure to press “Update” at [...]

AMPS Seller Magnet

Here’s another request we granted…The AMPS Seller Magnet! How does the AMPS Seller Magnet work? The AMPS Seller Magnet is built to capture as many leads as possible! Categorizing them into hot and cold leads, depending on the amount of information the seller provides, will give you a jump start in knowing which leads to [...]

Remove/Delete Seller Leads

To delete Seller Leads: 1.) Go to Sell tab > click Manage Seller Leads from the drop down 2.) Select the Seller you wish to remove from your Seller Lead’s List by ticking the check box. 3.) Click the Delete button 4.) Choose the most appropriate reason for deleting the seller from the three options [...]

Posting Properties from Seller Leads

To post your Seller Lead’s property: 1.) Go to “Sell” tab and click Manage Seller Leads from the drop down. 2.) Look for the Seller in your Lead list then click it. 3.) The Seller’s Profile will now open.  Go to the next tab labeled Property. 4.) Click the link that says Post Property for [...]

Customize Content of your Seller Website!

Options to Customize your Seller Website: You can change the Header Add your Home Page Video by adding the link; if you don’t happen to have one, mark the phrase [Use Default] Edit the Homepage Main text 1 and 2 Choose a Design Color for your website You have an option to add your Lead Funnel [...]

Seller Website Video Scripts

If you would like to create your own videos for your Seller Website feel free to use our scripts! The Homepage video as well as the Lead Capture video scripts can be found below. Happy Filming!! Homepage Video: Welcome…if you’re Looking to Sell Your Property, you’ve come to the right place! We represent a network [...]

Editing Seller Responders

1.)   Go to the  Sell tab > then click on Seller Responders 2.)   All Seller Responder emails are customizable: New Lead Trying To Reach You (16 Emails) After Call: Next Steps (15 Emails) After Call:Not Now(15 Emails) AMPS Seller AMPS Cold Lead (6 Emails) AMPS Hot Lead *Press Preview to see how they would read [...]

Viewing your Leads

You can view your Seller Leads by going to the “Manage Seller Leads” page under the Sell tab  To edit,  just select the Name; this leads you to the page to Update the Seller Information.

Adding a Seller

From your Dashboard, go to Sell > drop down to Add Seller Lead. 1.) Fill out the Seller Profile information. Fields marked with * (first name and email) are important. Click “Update” when done. 2.) Optional:  Fill out the Property, Financials and Repairs details by going to their designated tabs, and for the Lead Scoreboard [...]