Seller Lead Management


These contracts are available for download. Simply click the link to the right of the title to download a pdf. Alpha by state: Georgia Purchase Agreement [pdf] [editable] Texas TREC One to Four Family Residential Contract [pdf] [editable] Virginia Purchase and Sale Agreement [pdf] [editable] Miscellaneous: Subject-To Financing Addendum [pdf] [editable] Out-of-State Offer-To-Purchase Contract [pdf] [...]

Changing Scoreboard Variables (Tax & Insurance Rate)

When scoring deals, there are 2 variables that can affect your scoring…they are Tax and Insurance Rate.  Different states have different tax rates and sometimes differing insurance rates.  You may want to look at the Tax and Insurance rates that are being used and determine if these need to be customized for your area.  We’ve [...]

State Contracts

Below you will find individual state contracts. As we gather each State Contract we will add them here. Simply click on the state of choice to download the State Contract pdf. Texas Florida

Lead Scoreboard

The Lead Scoreboard is one of the most essential tools within REIMatcher! This tool, available to REIMatcher Pro Members, is the best way to know whether the lead you have acquired is worth pursuing. Now simply by entering your lead information our ‘calculator’ will tell you if it’s a Go! To find the Lead Scoreboard [...]

Contract Generator

REIMatcher is excited to announce the Contract Generator! Now when you have a Seller lead you want to move into a contract, all you have to do is push a button! The first step in building your contract is to complete all of the Seller Lead information on the following tabs: Seller Profile Property Debt [...]

*NEW* Seller Interview Script

Below is a video from Phill Grove covering how to interview a Motivated Seller using the Lead Scoreboard.  Enjoy! // Copyright © MMXII Love American Homes. All rights reserved. Seller Script