Property Marketing

Image on Craigslist Property Post

Per new Craigslist policy, only Paid ads on Craigslist will have photos,  free versions will not. Users may use the Craigslist photo uploader to upload photos. You will be prompted to upload images after you have entered your post’s title and description. 1. Once you have entered the information for your post, click “continue.” 2. On the [...]

Private Lending Feature

This feature enables private lenders to create an account on REIMatcher and indicate to the community that they are interested in funding deals.  The private lending feature also enables real estate investors to connect with private lenders once a deal has been submitted to the community in order to seek funding. Funding – “Funding is [...]

Need A Deal Partner?

Great News! The Deal Partnering Feature is now available. With this feature you will be able to post a deal for sale and indicate that you are looking for a partner to do the deal with. 1.To activate this feature, go to the “My Properties” tab on your dashboard then click on a specific property [...]

Single Property Page Link

Now marketing your property has become even easier! With each property you have on your Dashboard you can now grab a shortened URL that you can use to direct buyers straight to that property. Your potential buyers will not have to log into REIMatcher or even have an account. They will simply see the property [...]

Posting Properties from Seller Leads

To post your Seller Lead’s property: 1.) Go to “Sell” tab and click Manage Seller Leads from the drop down. 2.) Look for the Seller in your Lead list then click it. 3.) The Seller’s Profile will now open.  Go to the next tab labeled Property. 4.) Click the link that says Post Property for [...]

How To Post Your Properties To Craigslist

* UPDATE: Per new Craigslist policy, only Paid ads on Craigslist will have photos, however the free versions will not. Users may use the Craigslist photo uploader to upload photos. See: REIMatcher has provided a way to easily enhance your Craigslist Ad and make it pop! By following the simple steps below you will take [...]

Where to View Your Buyer Leads, Property Profiles and Buyer Profiles

Here’s a screen shot to show you where to go to view your Buyer Leads, Property Profiles and Buyer Profiles from the dashboard.

Removing Properties

1. You can remove properties you posted from your dashboard by going to the “My Properties” tab. 2. Click on the specific property you wish to remove. 3. Select the Sold/ Remove Property on the Profile Matches page The system then prompts you to choose a reason: Sold through REIMatcher Sold Elsewhere Others Important: Deleting [...]

Adding a Property for Sale

1.)  On your dashboard, click the Sell tab then choose Post Property For Sale from the drop down menu. ***Press and hold Ctrl+ Scroll Up to view larger images 2.) Choose from two (2) options for your listing- a Public property or a Private property listing (refer to the topic Public vs Private Properties to know [...]

Public vs Private Properties

A property listing can either be Public or Private. A Public property has the address visible; in a Private property it is withheld (you can put in the address but no one will  be able to see them). The reason some Investors post a property Private because they may not have the exclusive contract to [...]

Searching Properties

Here’s how to check properties listed in other territories: 1. On your main Dashboard, just below your profile picture , go to the Marketplace, where you see the Properties and Buyers link. ***Press and hold Ctrl+ Scroll Up to view larger images 2. Select Properties; 3. The next page will showcase ALL the properties listed in REI Matcher; [...]

How to update your Property Profile

1.  On your Dashboard, click the “My Properties” tab, the next page will show you all the properties you’ve listed. 2. Select the Property profile you wish to update. NOTE: Our indexing is done every hour, any changes made will be available after an hour. ***Press and hold Ctrl+ Scroll Up to view larger images To [...]

Where can I see my Matches?

Knowing that you have a match is one step to closing a deal. Know where to see your matches, whether it be BUYERS matched with your PROPERTIES or PROPERTIES matched with your BUYER Leads. Check out the screen shot below to know where to see your matches. To see matches for your properties, go to [...]