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Yahoo DMARC Policy

Are you an REIMatcher Plus or Pro member who uses a Yahoo email address to log-in to your REIMatcher account? Or, do you use a Yahoo email address for your Investor, Buyer and Seller Brands? If you do use Yahoo, we have some very important information for you regarding autoresponders, contracts and other emails that [...]

Wealthy Finder Support

Group M is a publisher of training programs from a variety of affiliates. Group M is 100% responsible for sales, refunds and fulfillment of Wealthy Finder and the other training programs that they sell. If you want a refund or support for Group M products, you may contact them at Group M Email Support : [...]

How To Cancel

We’re saddened to know that you would like to cancel. If there is anything that we can help you with before you decide to cancel, kindly send us a support ticket and we’ll be glad to assist you. If you wish to cancel your account or a specific program you are under… Kindly go to [...]

“NEW” Email Summary Alert

Check out the New Summary Email Alert that shows the latest activity on your account! The New Summary Email Alert will highlight the following changes in your account: 1. New Matches to your posted Properties for Sale. 2. New Matches to your Buyer Leads. 3. Other Deals you might be interested in. NOTE: This summary [...]


We strongly recommend that you use the current versions of  your internet browser to ensure that you optimize the full functionality of our online services. REIMatcher works best on the following browsers: Firefox 5+ Google Chrome Safari IE 8 IE 9 Click Here to download Mozilla Firefox browser Click HERE to download Google Chrome browser [...]

Email Summary Alert

REIMatcher can send an Email Summary to inform you of activity on your Property and/or Buyer Profile(s). The Email Summary Alert is ON by default to send you alerts daily! You can choose to receive the alert Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Never. To access, click the Admin tab then select Alerts from the drop down menu. [...]

Posting a Profile Pic of Myself? Why?

A picture draws the eye long before text. A picture says, “I have nothing to hide. I am for real.” Your intent in joining REIMatcher is to get buyers and investors to communicate with you so give the them every reason to contact you! Start with a picture ! 1.) Go to Admin tab > [...]

Trouble logging in?

Your user log in is usually the Email Address you used in setting up REIMatcher. If your user login and/or password does not work , select the Forgot your Password? link on the REIMatcher login page, where you will be taken to a page requiring your email address. Click Submit after entering your email address; ***Press [...]

What is my Company Profile?

A Company Profile is your Company information.  The information here should be complete for your Buyer, Seller and Branded Websites and Auto Responders to be active and accurate. Here’s how to update your Company Profile: From your Dashboard, click the Admin tab Select the Company Info from the drop down menu Enter your  Business Name [...]

Viewing My Own Investor Profile?

Check out how other investors see your profile by clicking the “View” link from the dashboard. You can also see your profile by going to the “Investor Network” under the Network tab. Just type your name on the search box. Important: Although it is nice to see that your profile is at 100%, this is [...]

Your Dashboard

Once you log in successfully on REIMatcher, you will be taken to your Dashboard – your Personal Page for all your REIMatcher activities: ***Press and hold Ctrl+ Scroll Up to view larger images 1.  Your Dashboard tabs provides quick access all the other sites within REIMatcher Sell tab Buy tab Network tab Training tab How [...]

How do I Change my Personal Information?

You can change your Password, Email address, picture and other personal Investor information from the Admin tab, choose “My Profile” on the drop down menu. Note: The email address you can update here is the email where you receive notifications from REIMatcher, not your user log-in.  If you want to change your user log-in email, [...]