Advanced Responder Series

What is the Advanced Responder Series? The Advanced Responder Series enables you to build a relationship with your Wholesale Buyer leads and potentially earn commission for products that they may buy. This email series is sent to your wholesale buyers from you. How do I activate this? To activate simply go to the “Buyer Responders” [...]

Direct Messaging

Hey Folks, We’ve added yet another feature to make messaging much easier within REIMatcher. With the Direct Messaging feature, you can now reply directly from your personal email like Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail..etc. // Receive and REPLY to messages of other Buyer Profiles, Property Profiles and other Investors.. all within your personal email. If you [...]

The “Contact” Button

The contact button is visible in all Buyer Profiles and Property Profiles (full page view) This is the button you select when you want to send a personal message to the Property Owner (Investor) or  a Buyer, and used  ONLY for REIMatcher concerns e.g. discussing details of sale, matches, etc… Using this feature for personal marketing [...]

Where are my messages?

Investors interact and communicate with each other within the REIMatcher community. That’s why we have Contact buttons, Send Message options, and Mail Icons visible all over the platform. There are 3 very important  Messages within REIMatcher that you should know how to access. Investor to Investor Messages Buyer Profile Messages Property Profile Messages 1. Investor [...]

Going on Autopilot With Responders

In the Get Moving Video Series, we walk thru the fundamentals of the REIMatcher platform, focusing on everything you will need to know to take maximum advantage of this powerful system and marketplace. In the fourth video, we’ll take a look at Responders, REIMatcher’s automated emailing system…this system is used to build trust and stay [...]

How do I contact my Matches?

Once you have Matches, its time to take action. First thing to do – communicate! Send them a message!!! Check out the screen shots below to know how to send messages to Buyers and Property Owners. 1. Contact BUYERS that matched your property. Go to “My Properties” tab on your dashboard, then click on a [...]