Investor Network

Private Lending Feature

This feature enables private lenders to create an account on REIMatcher and indicate to the community that they are interested in funding deals.  The private lending feature also enables real estate investors to connect with private lenders once a deal has been submitted to the community in order to seek funding. Funding – “Funding is [...]

Need A Deal Partner?

Great News! The Deal Partnering Feature is now available. With this feature you will be able to post a deal for sale and indicate that you are looking for a partner to do the deal with. 1.To activate this feature, go to the “My Properties” tab on your dashboard then click on a specific property [...]

REIMatcher Badges

Badges within REIMatcher are a way of letting the community know about you at a glance! They can bee seen in two places within REIMatcher: The Investor Network and within individual Investor Profiles. Check out each REIMatcher Badge and how you can earn them!! Buyer Wildfire –  The Buyer Wildfire badge is based on the [...]

New Lead Badges Available!

Are you ready to tell the community you Want Leads, or you Have Leads to sell? Now it only takes the click of your mouse to inform your community that you have Leads to Sell other Investors, or you want to buy Leads from Bird Dogs. Ready? Step 1 – Go to ‘My Profile’ under [...]

Know MORE About your Fellow Investors

Do you want to know how your fellow investors are doing….how many deals they are making, how many profiles they have and how active they are.  Check out their Investor Profile page. Visit the Investor Network page, search other investors by the territory they’re working on or by their name.

Contacting Other Investors

There are different ways to contact your fellow REIMatcher Investors: 1.)  From your dashboard, look for the Network tab, from the drop down menu choose Investor Network 2.)  When they have Properties posted, through the Contact button from the Property Profile Don’t forget to Submit your message to make sure that it’s sent! ***Press and [...]

Networking With Other Investors

If you want to get to know other REIMatcher Investors, then go ahead and meet them on the Investor Network!!! This is a directory of all the Investors in REIMatcher. You can filter your search by State and Territory.  (If you don’t know which territory a a specific county or city belongs, check the Territory [...]