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Yahoo DMARC Policy

Are you an REIMatcher Plus or Pro member who uses a Yahoo email address to log-in to your REIMatcher account? Or, do you use a Yahoo email address for your Investor, Buyer and Seller Brands? If you do use Yahoo, we have some very important information for you regarding autoresponders, contracts and other emails that [...]

Wealthy Finder Support

Group M is a publisher of training programs from a variety of affiliates. Group M is 100% responsible for sales, refunds and fulfillment of Wealthy Finder and the other training programs that they sell. If you want a refund or support for Group M products, you may contact them at Group M Email Support : [...]

How To Cancel

We’re saddened to know that you would like to cancel. If there is anything that we can help you with before you decide to cancel, kindly send us a support ticket and we’ll be glad to assist you. If you wish to cancel your account or a specific program you are under… Kindly go to [...]

Gmail Account Not Receiving REIMatcher Emails?

Are you having issues receiving REIMatcher emails to your Gmail account? Gmail has recently increased their security measures by adding a ‘Priority Inbox’ and it may have affected your account from receiving REIMatcher Emails. The following steps should be done within your gmail account to ensure you receive all notifications from REIMatcher. You don’t want [...]

Using “Jing” to Create Screenshots and Videos

Here’s a fun and easy way to capture screen shots and create videos to share. First, you need to download the Jing software: Download Jing for Windows here Download Jing for Mac here then create an account and you’re ready to capture! 1. To start, look for the yellow ball on your screen,  then box [...]


We strongly recommend that you use the current versions of  your internet browser to ensure that you optimize the full functionality of our online services. REIMatcher works best on the following browsers: Firefox 5+ Google Chrome Safari IE 8 IE 9 Click Here to download Mozilla Firefox browser Click HERE to download Google Chrome browser [...]

Why Does REIMatcher Ask Me Why I’m Deleting a Profile?

Have you ever wondered Why REIMatcher always asks why you’re deleting a Property or Buyer Profile? Well for starters….REIMatcher always wants to showcase the deal completions an Investor has done!! By gathering this information REIMatcher is able to automatically update your Investor Profile and highlight your latest deal completed. We always want to recognize your [...]

Retrieving Saved Notes on Scratch Pad

To retrieve the notes you’ve saved on the scratch pad: 1.) Go to that Seller Lead again (Sell tab > Manage Seller Leads). 2.) When the full page info of the seller lead is displayed, go to the tab labeled ” Engagement“. 3.) Select  your saved notes from the list.

When to FLAG Properties and Buyer Profiles?

There are some Property and Buyer Profiles that need attention and you can help by flagging them. Violations and Flagging Profiles are explained in our Terms of Use. Here are the “Most” common reasons to Flag a Property Profile: 1. When an investor’s personal contact details are displayed on the description field, video tour field [...]

Alerts ???

When you log on to your account on REIMatcher, the first thing you see in your dashboard are Page Alerts.  These are Features, Updates, or News in the REIMatcher platform that we want you to know of.  Here’s one: Now, next time you see a Page Alert on your dashboard, check it out, it may [...]

What is a 404 Error?

***Press and hold Ctrl+ Scroll Up to view larger images Don’t be alarmed! This is not really an error on the platform. We just want you to know that : 1. Your Website is not Active. (Tick the box that says Active.) 2. The URL/Website address is incorrect- more often than not, there is a [...]

Need a Company Logo?

For those users who are wanting to get moving right away, but don’t yet have a Company logo, we’ve created a standard one that you can use right now.. To complete, just follow these steps: 1. Download the image below to your computer (be sure to save it in a location where it can easily [...]