Buyer Marketing

Advanced Responder Series

What is the Advanced Responder Series? The Advanced Responder Series enables you to build a relationship with your Wholesale Buyer leads and potentially earn commission for products that they may buy. This email series is sent to your wholesale buyers from you. How do I activate this? To activate simply go to the “Buyer Responders” [...]

Seller and Buyer Leads Engagement

Ever wonder what emails are being sent to your Seller and Buyer Leads to create engagement? You can view all emails sent to your Leads under the “Engagement” tab. 1. To go there simply go to your Sellers or Buyers > “Manage Leads” page 2. Select the specific Buyer Lead, then 3. Click the Engagement [...]

Buyer Expiration Process

To ensure that REIMatcher has quality buyers who are still actively looking for property, we’ve implemented a Buyer Expiration Process…  Buyer Profiles expire 180 days after they were added  in the REIMatcher marketplace (contact info was received).. As the clock counts down, you will receive emails from us asking if you want to renew the [...]

Contacting your own Buyers

Found a match for your buyer? Then go ahead and contact them before it’s too late! You can easily access your buyers contact details by clicking  the name of your buyer lead within the  “Manage Buyer Leads” page under the “Buy” tab.

Where to View Your Buyer Leads, Property Profiles and Buyer Profiles

Here’s a screen shot to show you where to go to view your Buyer Leads, Property Profiles and Buyer Profiles from the dashboard.

Searching Buyer Leads From the Marketplace

If you want to check the buyers in the system before setting up or choosing your territories, here’s how: 1.) From the Marketplace on your Dashboard, select the Buyers link 2.) On the REIMatcher Buyer Profiles Page, your can narrow your search by choosing the State and Territory, Monthly Payment and Down payment from the [...]

Pre-Built Ads For Buyer Marketing

Use these ads to get started on Craigslist or in other websites you use for marketing! Add your REI Matcher buyer website link and you’re up and running! (Input your city name for Craigslist as well) Here are Sample Ad Titles:

Advertise your Buyer Websites for Free

There are a lot of web marketplaces where you can advertise your Buyer Websites for FREE. Here are some of them for your reference: Craigslist Yahoo Classifieds Go ahead, do your marketing and post your URL’s on these sites now. Happy Investing!

Flagged in Craigslist ???

We’ve heard a number of listings get flagged in Craigslist so we created this post as a guide for you. We did a thorough research in regards to their terms of use, and we found out that the Buyer Websites do not pose any problem or any violation within the Craigslist policy. Check out our [...]

Buyer Trust Email Series

The Buyer Trust Responder Series is a 7-part email series, delivered to the Buyer. It’s purpose: To built trust between the buyer and you, by delivering great content and answering some of the common questions regarding Owner Finance transactions. One Trust Responder email will be sent the next day after a retail buyer either completes [...]

Updating Info on Buyer Leads

1.) Go to the “Buy” tab > click on “Manage Buyer Leads” 2.) Click the name of the Buyer Lead that you wish to edit. 3.)  Go to the Specific tab where you want to update info Buyer Contact – name, address, phone number, email address, Email Notifications Buying Areas – to add/ edit buying [...]

Removing Buyer Leads and Buyer Profiles

At some point, you will need to remove buyers from your account.  Here’s how: 1.) For Buyer Leads: Go to Buy > Manage Buyer Leads. Select the Buyer Profile from the list,  mark the corresponding tick box of the buyer lead you wish to delete (you may choose 1 or more). Press “Delete” button. 2.) Choose [...]

How a Home Page and Squeeze Page Works

Your Home Page URL leads to your own REI Matcher Buyer Website !!! This holds your brand and all the properties available in your territory. Here are the activities available for retail buyers in this page- it’ s got a map of your territory; the buyers can call you on the phone number shown at [...]

Marketing Your Buyer Websites

In the Get Moving Video Series, we walk thru the fundamentals of the REIMatcher platform, focusing on everything you will need to know to take maximum advantage of this powerful system and marketplace. In this video, we’ll take a look at marketing your Buyer Websites, including when to use your Homepage vs Squeeze page, how [...]

Tagline, Header, and Opening Text

Don’t know what to type in your Tagline, Header and Opening Text fields on your Buyer Website(s)? See the screen shot below for an example of how they look like in an actual Buyer Website… To check out the actual buyer website, click here. ***Press and hold Ctrl+ Scroll Up to view larger images A [...]

Adding A Buyer Lead (Manually)

Here’s how: 1.  Click the “Buy” tab then select  Add Buyer Lead from the drop down menu. ***Press and hold Ctrl+ Scroll Up to view larger images 2.  Click on the Map to select areas where you (or your buyer) wish to buy a property (you may also enter the zip code/s), then click Next. 3. Fill out step [...]