Building Your Brand

Branding yourself as an active, successful Investor in your area is very important, building your personal site is the first step to achieving that! Ready? Just click on the video link below…See you inside! //

Integrating “AddThis” with Google Analytics

AddThis includes a suite of powerful analytics features. However, if you already employ Google Analytics for your site or blog, you might want to have all of your analytics in one place. Integrating AddThis share data into your existing Google Analytics reports is easy, and lets you view AddThis shares as custom events in your [...]

Creating a Company Logo

Creating a Company Logo does not need to be seen as a daunting task. Using simple programs such as Jing and PowerPoint you can create an eye catching logo that you can use for multiple things! Jing is a program you can download that will allow you to take screen captures for picture shots and/or [...]

Finding Your Public URLs

In order to fill out your Social Media links you may need additional help finding your Public URLs. Directions on finding your public URLs for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Linked-In can be found below. Facebook 1. Sign in to Facebook 2. Go to your Personal Profile Page – This is your Profile Page where you [...]

Google Analytics

What better way to track traffic, Seller and Buyer sign ups, Lead Conversions, marketing and advertisements for your websites than to link with Google Analytics? So if you haven’t signed up for a Google Analytics account yet, here’s how: 1.)  You must have a Gmail account to sign up for this feature.  If you already have [...]

Setting Up Your Social Media Links

REIMatcher has now made it even easier to promote your Social Media sites right on your Investor Profile and Seller Websites! Now under the ‘Admin Tab’ located on your dashboard you will see a link for Social Media… After gathering your public links from your Social Media sites: Facebook, Linked-in, Youtube and Twitter, simply place [...]