Bird Dog Program

Use A Vanity URL for your Bird Dog Site

You can go ahead and market your Bird Dog site using your own vanity domain. Here’s how: 1. First, know your Bird Dog affiliate URL. Go to “My Bird Dog Campaign” under your Admin tab. 2. Click “Investors I am a Bird Dog For” then click the “view” icon 3. Here you can copy your [...]

Do More Deals With Bird Dogs

Bird Dogs are investors that are typically (but not always) new to the real estate investment game.  They are eager to get into the investment business and can do much of the leg-work for more experienced investors.  Bird Dogs capture leads for you so you can spend your valuable time closing more deals! It’s easy to [...]

How to Find Bird Dogs?

Are you interested in finding Bird Dogs for yourself? Or has someone contacted you about being a Bird Dog for you but you don’t know what to do next? A Bird Dog is an Investor who spends their time finding solid leads for you to pursue. These Investors are usually new to Real Estate game [...]

New Lead Badges Available!

Are you ready to tell the community you Want Leads, or you Have Leads to sell? Now it only takes the click of your mouse to inform your community that you have Leads to Sell other Investors, or you want to buy Leads from Bird Dogs. Ready? Step 1 – Go to ‘My Profile’ under [...]

How To Become a Bird Dog

Ready to start making money right away? Becoming a Bird Dog for Investors in your area is easy! The first step in becoming a Bird Dog is to find the Badge ‘I want Seller Leads’ on the Profiles of those Investors who are looking for Bird Dogs. Once you find the Investors with the ‘I [...]