Big Dog FAQs

Are you new to the Big Dog Program? Are you not sure what to do next?

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions by Big Dog members. If you don’t see the answer to your question don’t hesitate to email REIMatcher Support at [email protected]

Q) Can Business Launcher set up my account?
A) Yes, Business Launcher will handle setting up your Websites, Branded email, Logo Creation and Google Apps Account.

Q) What happens after I complete the business launcher form??
A) REIMatcher Support will begin work immediately. They will set up your Buyer Site, Seller Site, Investor Site, Logo Creation, Google Apps account and much more…

Q) Why so many buyer websites?
A) You only need ONE, unless you want to get fancy. REIMatcher offers up to 3 Buyer Websites if you want to built out sites for multiple territories.
*We suggest using sub-domains: or

Q) Should I have 1 business card or 3?
A) This is entirely a personal decision. One will work but if you chose to have one use your Investor brand. If you want additional cards they will be made for your Seller and Buyer brands.

Q) What exactly is Google Apps for Business
A) Google apps for business is a service that helps small businesses manage their email, calendar, contacts, documents, and checklists. Once setup, you will use it daily to do email, store your business contacts, and plan your daily/weekly/monthly calendar. It’s what we use internally to run our own investing businesses.

Q) AMPS seller magnet – for the co-op???
A) Not at this time, we will update the community when this feature is available.

Q) I bought hosting on blue host… is the hosting redundant with REIMatcher?
A) Yes, REIMatcher does the hosting… you do not need to pay for a Hosting Service. Save some money and have REIMatcher do the hosting for you!!!

Q) How do I get contact Support for Big Dog?
A) Call 888-550-8386 or fill out our support form HERE

Q) How do I edit my Company and Investor Profile?
A) Watch this Video for a step by step guide…Investor & Company Profile

Q) How do I edit my buyer, seller, and investor websites???
A) Check out directions here! Editing & Uploading Info on Your Websites.

Q) Do I need an LLC before I create my websites??
A) People who take their business seriously from the beginning always achieve more than those who don’t.  Yes, we recommend setting up an LLC before building your brand (websites, business cards, etc).  Spend a few minutes checking to see if your selected business name is available in your state, file the paperwork, then request setup of your business using the Business Launcher service (included with your program).

Q) How do I return the business launcher form?
A) Go to Form and click SUBMIT on the bottom of the form itself

Q) How do I manage my sellers, buyers, and investors
A) To learn more about Managing leads check out these posts:
Seller & Buyer Leads Engagement
Seller Lead Management
Remove/Delete Seller Leads
Remove/Delete Seller Leads

Q) What about multiple logos on different sites?
A) REIMatcher Support will build 3 separate logos, one for each brand. Once created and approved by you, Support will add your logos to your Websites for you.

Q) How do I get copies of my LOGOs for my marketing materials?
A) Once Support has finalized your logos and they have been approved by you, you will receive a copy of each of your logos in a .jpg format for marketing purposes.

Q) What is the difference between the Buyer Profile tab under Admin vs. Buyers under Manage Buyer Leads?
A) The Buyer Profile tab under admin represents your own buyer profile. You will build this out so the Buyer Leads you personally want will find you. Your buyer leads are the individuals looking for property who come through your Marketing campaign and/or your Buyer Website.